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INDIA 2030

Original art for India 2030 by Valeriya Polyanychko 🇺🇦, all rights reserved

lIVE IN: Mumbai, Bengaluru (TBA), Delhi (TBA) April 2024

India 2030 is the third part of a long running series that I've been presenting since 2019 - previous sessions include India 2020 (presented at Google Singapore),  and India 2025 (in London).

The session combines my research and forecasting from the 2000s onwards,  with foresight analysis to present a vision of the next decade, and leaves attendees with a slew of prompts to continue the work with their own teams ahead.  Using a DESTEP framework - I breakdown the Demographic, Social and Economic changes and trends of the future in detail.


Explore changing consumer segments, new subcultures and types, emerging and fading influences, and brand expectations - with a focus on the rise of the middle class that is on track to become the majority economic class in the country for the first time ever in the 2030s.

This session is likely to be of interest to:

- Brand, marketing and advertising teams

- Start-ups

- Investors

- Strategists

Format: interactive (bring pens!)


<90 min session followed by qna/networking.

For Bengaluru and Delhi workshops - please sign up here so we can find a suitable venue based on attendees and their preferred areas.

*This workshop can be booked as a longer springboard session to a futures deep-dive for your team  - contact for details

Previous workshops include...

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