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What I Do 

Big data analytics and social listening are crucial - but they still privilege an output and a curated image over lived reality.

Having been in the industry for a while now, I have been  disillusioned with the way in which we tend to imagine 'consumers' as static, pawns to be played or tricked into buying our product....

Instead, I believe that an insider's understanding of your consumer as a living, breathing, dynamic person full of contradictions, can provide the best learning for your business and brand.




I put the people in the process!

about us

Who I am

I'm a cultural strategist...

And an anthropologist who has been in the insights industry since 2013, and a researcher since 2011..

In previous lifetimes I was a part of a team that executed projects for Google, Samsung, Amex, Nike, MTV among others. I was also Director of Culture for in India, setting up base operations for the now 100 mil + start-up.


For the past 10 years I have worked in industries ranging from film to NGOs, to journalism, keeping a keen eye out for everything people related. 


Big picture mapping

Understanding where your category meets your consumer and the present and future of it all...


You may have many assumptions about them - but do you really know the lived reality of your consumer?

Brand/ Celebrity/ Influencer positioning

What does your audience expect from you - and how can you stay true to brand?

Content & Campaign 


What's the zeitgeist - what messaging rings true and what's going to make the most impact 

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