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I guide global brands, agencies and policy makers through the zeitgeist to create messaging, products & experiences fuelled by culture.

Project showcase

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What I do..

The gap between brands, businesses, and policy makers  - and their understanding of what truly drives people, is wider than ever.

The biggest hurdle seems to be the inability to perceive the role of culture in continuously shaping the present and future. Culture scaffolds - its the structure you don't see but cannot ignore.

For example, culture contextualises:

- How people will respond to technology, risk, change

- What propositions will resonate with different demographics

- Ideas of money, luxury, wellness, family, friendship & leisure

- Customer journeys

- Attitudes towards socio-political issues, lifestyle choices, alcohol etc.

- Design, packaging, art

That's where I come in -I analyse complex, historic and cultural perspectives and deliver all of the essence in a form that can be assimilated into product, marketing and innovation teams.

The deliverable can look completely different based on the client's needs : some want a quick and dirty drop into a new category or market, others want research to explore marketing, still others want to collaborate on predicting or creating the future.​


Recent clients..

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Oliver Pattenden

Global Research and Insight Director - The Sustainability Studio, Accenture Song

I had the pleasure of working with Gayatri as part of a global study (eight countries) regarding people’s relationships with sustainability and all the rich cultural diversity that comes with that topic. From day one, she greatly enriched the project with her perspectives, insights and ideas, helping to make sure the ethics and methodology of the project were as strong as possible. Her ethnographic research and her collaboration with our broader team of researchers were also a huge benefit to our project. 

Emilia Konstanczak

Associate Director, G=MC2


Gayatri was a great help in guiding us through the world of Gen Z in India and discovering some amazing Indian brand examples that would have otherwise slipped under our radar. Her insights gave us a fresh perspective into the Gen Z universe. Her research and analysis helped us delve into their values, likes, and behaviours.

What added an extra layer of value to her work was not only the eye-opening insights but also her prompt and efficient delivery. I wholeheartedly recommend Gayatri to anyone seeking cultural insights and brand expertise, especially when it comes to connecting with and understanding Gen Z in India!

Sudip Mitra

Senior Vice President, Consumer Insights and Brand Development, Aditya Birla Group

We worked on a future facing project with Gayatri - Media Ethnography.
It was fascinating how she was able to effectively de-clutter the current media scenario and tease out clear actionable tends for the future. Her mastery of her craft was evident. 

How we can work together

I work with teams on short-term, long-term and one-off consultation basis. 

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Cultural strategy




Advertising propositions & creative territories

Image by Amélie Mourichon

Training & workshops

Cultivating curiousity



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Qualitative research

End-to end projects with recruitment

Audience/User Reseach

Ethnographic film 

Market & methodology consultation

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Research support

Thought leadership

Curriculum development 

Visiting Faculty

Image by Robynne Hu


Exploration of category/market, 'the future of..(luxury/wellness/transport etc.)

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Startups/VC firms

Validating need/gaps

Positioning maps

Audience discovery 


Now scheduling for summer 2024.

I started my journey in research 15 years ago through a year long fellowship with PUKAR - then made my way through various jobs : journalism, film and media, social media etc. until I landed on a Master's in Anthropology at the University of Oxford, many moons ago. 


Since then I've worked with world's biggest brands (FANG, Fortune 500) and agencies - stewarding teams towards cultural insights as fuel for innovation and building brand love.

As part of on going training, I travel extensively through cities and remote villages - learning new languages, exposing myself to first-world struggle and third-world opulence all the same. My areas of interest and expertise include subcultures, sustainability, futures, technology, wellness, luxury, and all kinds of cultural change. I was recently granted (2023) a patent on the architecture of influence on social media platforms...(more to come when I can talk about this ). I love teaching and have developed curricula and taught at St.Xavier's Mumbai as well as MICA's MBA course. Workshops include the 'How to think like an Anthropologist' series across Indian metros, 'India futures' at Google HQ Singapore, and recently 'India 2030' in London.

As part of my company Folk Frequency, I dive deep into creating research reports and put out regular trend and sign updates through our social media and website.

I travel frequently internationally and can attend workshops and meetings on short notice across Asia, North America, Australia and England. 

Here's where we can meet in 2023 (outside of these times I live between Mumbai and Goa in India):

February: London, Amsterdam, Dublin

March: Rome, London

May: London

August: NY, Boston, Chicago,L.A, San Francisco

September: Melbourne, Auckland

November: Bengaluru, Dubai (last week)

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